The People Team

Our HR department is all about our people – The People Team! Covering everything from recruiting the best talent to evolving our people strategy, developing our team members and ensuring all staff have the best possible experience with the company. We have a unique influence on delivering the ethos and brand vision and of Lime Wood and our sister properties with our teams!

The People team do all of the usual things you’d expect from an HR team, however we also manage our Budding Entrepreneur scheme, Apprenticeships, Leadership Development, Management Development and staff mentoring.

The People team are certainly not office bound – as it says in the title we are ‘people people’ and love to be out and about with the teams! This is so important when needing to properly understand the challenges both the business and people are facing and how we can help.

The People team are focused on enabling people to grow and develop, ultimately leading to growth of the business!

The Finance Team

From Kitchen Gardens to Marketing, and local suppliers to our Smoked & Uncut festivals, our Finance team have exposure across the entire business, as well as our sister properties, and make a vital, long-term impact on our success.

The finance team is split into four different areas; Management Accounts, Banking, Payroll and Accounts Payable.

• Payroll ensures everyone is paid correctly and all rotas and holidays are submitted
• Banking collects money from the hotels and pays into the bank
• Accounts Payable manage all invoices, bills and expenses
• Management Accounts support our hotels and closely monitor revenue performance

The Marketing Team

The Marketing Team work to promote the business both for commercial success as well as to tell our story and bring Lime Wood and our sister properties alive before, during and after your stay!

Large scale campaigns, evolving strategy and exciting projects – we work to keep our hotels at the forefront of the hospitality industry. Always pushing boundaries, we connect with customers in innovative and engaging ways to maximise sales across rooms, restaurants and treatments and to drive brand loyalty.

It is an integrated multi channelled effort, combining digital marketing, social media, advertising, PR, events, brand partnerships and printed collateral, whilst remaining authentic to our core brand identities.